What makes this ski sustainable?

Skilogik promotes a future in skiing by sustainably harvesting 95% of the wood needed for their skis. Also, for every pair purchased a tree is planted in a reclaimed rainforest preserve. To bring the community into the mix, Skilogik has incorporated for their wood needs the use of Black Locust, which not only provides outstanding performance characteristics, but also offers the opportunity to employ family farmers for harvesting the tree. By planting as few as 20 trees, these individual farmers are awarded with supplemental income. Each farmer is asked to cut only one tree per year, which is replanted, promoting a flourishing ecosystem. In addition to monetary gain for the local farmer, the trees also act as a border for the farm’s property lines, and add nitrogen fixing properties to the soil.

Please Click here for more information on Skilogik’s sustainable practices.

How many pairs are available?

Due to the time needed to create such beautiful hand-crafted, quality boards, only 500 pairs will be available.

Can I choose from any Skilogik model?

Yes, all 15 models are available.

How do the skis perform?

Since they came onto the market in January, 2010, Skilogik is consistently rated at the top of the list of ski makers. The Howitzer won the 2012 Powder Magazine Skier’s choice award. And both the Ullr’s Chariot TT and the woman’s version, the Goddess TT, were awarded the Real Skiers 2012 Overall Ski of the Year.

What inspired the artwork?

MRA’s flagship project, Manitoba Mountain, located in Alaska provides the backdrop for the ski. The elements of nature reflect our commitment to the environment.

What else is included in the purchase?

A MRA T-Shirt, stickers, ski strap, a microbrick of Green Ski Wax and a $100 discount towards a future MRA mountain playground membership is included with each ski purchase.

How long does it take to receive my skis?

Skis will be delivered in 60-90 days from date of purchase. Like any work of fine art, these handmade skis take time. Thanks for your patience.

How much is shipping?

For shipping in the United States please add $20 to the price, for the rest of the planet, add $30.


How much is tax?

Tax is included in the purchase price.

How do I pay?

Payment is made via Pay Pal, which accepts bank transfers and credit cards worldwide.

What is a MRA Mountain Playground?

An MRA Mountain Playground is a ski area that focuses on the riding experience, while being a steward to its local community and the environment, as well as creating onsite clean energy. MRA is currently evaluating Mountain Playgrounds in the United States, Canada, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Argentina.

Who is NAOTF?

The Native American Olympic Team Foundation, founded by Olympian Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, is dedicated to introducing Native Americans to the joys of skiing and snowboarding as well as supporting Native individuals in their Olympic aspirations, helping to inspire Elders to share their earth-honoring wisdom and lead 'Gratitude Snowdances'. NAOTF is a nonprofit that is endorsed by the United Nations.

How about creating a limited edition snowboard as well?

MRA is actively looking for a values-based, eco friendly snowboard company to partnership with to create a limited edition snowboard.



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