MRA Limited Edition Ski

Want to be a part of the future of skiing? It starts with your next pair of skis. 


Show your support for a future based on community values, environmental respect and access to exciting terrain with minimal infrastructure by purchasing the limited edition MRA Ski with custom artwork, now available on Skilogik’s entire lineup. Only 500 will be sold.

Package Includes:

With only 500 pairs of skis available this really is your one opportunity! Join the collective voice that is saying it is time that the mountain community supports the future of skiing and the planet.


Package Includes:


Who’s involved?

Native American Olympic Team Foundation: The Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF), co-founded by Olympian Suzy Chaffee, inspires ski areas across North America to share the joys of skiing and boarding and Olympic dreams with local tribal youth. This inspires their Elders to share their earth-honoring wisdom and lead 'Gratitude Snowdances' that have notably saved ski areas from droughts.

By inviting Native Americans back to their majestic mountains, NAOTF supports the wisdom of our native ancestral connection to the environment. Promoting a bridge between our co-existent, but different cultures that have different values and priorities, it is NAOTF’s hope that we enrich each other, creating mutual respect and appreciation through skiing, cultural ceremonies, travel, and good times. With the recognition of the importance of rebalancing nature’s cycles by six Nobel Prize winners, the United Nations has asked NAOTF to inspire ski communities worldwide to invite their indigenous Elders and shaman to lead ceremonies to support Native youth and their interaction in mountain sports.

NAOTF offers a platform in which Native Americans can learn the appreciation of high risk snow sports like skiing and snowboarding, which provide the tools needed for good health, higher self-esteem, positive leadership skills and bonding friendships. In addition, a relationship with the mountains supplies more accessible educational, job and career opportunities outside the reservation.

Skilogik: Skilogik represents a new approach to ski making that combines the very best methods from traditional handcrafting and modern composites engineering. Instead of mass-production and outsourcing, Skilogik produces a small number of skis year round in their very own “Creation Center”. They take their time while crafting each pair individually. Skilogik is also a member of the growing community of skiers and ski-makers committed to better ski industry business practices, better labor prices, and better ecological mindfulness.

Here are some of the great ways that Skilogik is acting sustainably:

Green Ski Wax: Have you ever wondered what happens to your wax when it eventually wears off your boards? Where did that wax go? That's right, on the mountain.

Created with one motto in mind: “The outdoors. It’s what it’s all about.”, Green Ski Wax was built by a group of outdoor enthusiasts who demand top level performance riding on precious snow, while at the same time enjoying a guilt free conscience.

The Green Wax team of outside-the-box thinkers is dedicated to finding new ways to preserve the mountains in which we all play, and at the same time minimizing the impact on the world in which we live. Focused on promoting their environmentally friendly wax made from a proprietary blend of naturally sustainable ingredients, they believe in a natural and clean-energy-aware wax that minimizes pollution during production, as well as during use. Green Ski Wax is made in the USA and shipped in recycled materials.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance: The mission of Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) is to develop values-based, environmentally-friendly, rider-centric ski areas that encourage minimal carbon footprint business practices as well as alternative energy creation, while making a positive impact in the local community.

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