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In The Media

Does it Matter if a Ski Resort is Sustainable? »

I think every ski area should be making their own energy on-site. They all have the opportunity between wind, solar, micro hydro, and/or geothermal. They should all be energy centers.

Found: Skiing’s Soul »

With small ski areas feeling pressure from climate change and large corporate buyouts, the ShredFest meant to highlight the value and critical need for “breeder-feeder ski areas.”

Montana Ski Area to Host First Summer Ski and Snowboard Festival »

It’s a gathering of the tribes, so to speak. We have parties, competitions and symposiums. It’s kind of like TEDx meets “Hot Dog the Movie” meets backyard BBQ, with something for everyone: the chance to become educated and informed on the state of community ski areas, the chance to compete or the chance to make turns with friends and drink beers.

Don’t Miss the First Annual Summer Shredfest at Beartooth Basin »

This 3-day, grassroots ski and snowboard festival is a must-attend event that gets back to the heart and soul of skiing by focusing on community, competition, and culture of the sport that we all know and love. Add in a bit of pig racing and this might just be the event of the summer!

Summer Ski Celebration Planned Atop Pass »

The Mountain Riders Alliance will hold the first of what it hopes to be an annual Summer Shredfest at Beartooth Basin ski area atop Beartooth Pass and in Red Lodge, June 16-18.

The Budget Cure for the Summertime Blues – Beartooth Basin Summer Shredfest »

A friend of the mom and pop ski area, The Mountain Rider’s Alliance is hoping to provide soulful ski experiences for those who make skiing a way of life– not just a spring break vacation.

A Summer Shredfest for Little Areas that Rock »

Summer Shredfest is designed to showcase that little ski areas still rock. It’s time for small ski areas to get together and have a celebration.

ReddyYeti Podcast Interview with MRA CEO Jamie Schectman »

Mountain Riders Alliance (MRA) is an organization that is driven by one thing and one thing only: Keeping the heart and soul of skiing and snowboarding alive.

Little Ski Areas Working Together to Find Solutions to Big Business »

As big business continues to dominate the ski industry the little players have found big solutions to stay viable.

This Election Who’s Fighting for the Environment? Skiers, That’s Who »

They work with smaller mountain areas, keeping local interests in mind and always with a rider-centric bent

Smaller Ski Areas Assemble Their Own Answers to the Mountain Collective Pass »

Together small ski resorts across the country are providing much-needed cohesiveness for little ski areas that have, for too long, battled to stay afloat alone.

Little Ski Areas that Rock are United »

We want to give these [areas] the tools and exposure by banding them together,” says Schectman. “We want each of our ski areas to remain unique, funky, and authentic, but we think having them work together gives them a better chance at survival.

Mountain Playground Group Helps Independent Ski Areas Thrive »

In banding together, participating ski areas share ideas and combine resources to maximize their effectiveness in areas such as marketing, sustainability, summer operations, employee retention and all the other nuts and bolts of ski area management.

Fluri Ski App and Mountain Playground Group Announce Partnership »

Part of our goal of the Mountain Playground Group is to provide tools and add a layer of sophistication not commonly found at smaller ski areas

Grassroots Grants: Mountain Playground Group Update »

MRA developed a program designed to give independent and standalone ski areas the tools, resources and additional layer of sophistication to ensure a better chance of their survival. By banding together, the ski areas will reduce expenses through volume discounts, share in best practices and work on larger scale initiatives.

Mt. Timothy, BC Joins Mountain Playground Group »

The consortium is designed to raise awareness of the authenticity and uniqueness of the seven participating ski areas.

Mt. Timothy Joins International Consortium »

Mt. Timothy is excited to participate in the Mountain Playground Group as we continue to identify ways to be more efficient, build brand awareness and be more profitable

Phoenix Mountain Joins International Ski Area Consortium »

Phoenix Mountain’s participation in the Mountain Playground Group will increase our profile to both the Canadian and International audience.

The Mountain Playground Group Aims to be the Mountain Collective for Homedown Ski Areas »

Thanks to the Mountain Rider’s Alliance, there might be a way to make ripping these small, community mountains more enjoyable, while also allowing them to turn a profit!

The Mountain Playground Card Brings Big Discounts to Small Ski Areas »

In a world where the ski industry is characterized by a bigger is better mentality, it’s nice to know that Mountain Rider’s Alliance is fighting the fight for the local ski hill.

Mountain Playground Card Announces SheJumps as Non-Profit Benefactor »

Partnering with MRA is a great opportunity for us to reach a wider audience while supporting the communities that SheJumps values–mountain communities. We look forward to successful events and community-building at all of the Get the Girls Out! events.

Five Independent Ski Resorts Join Consortium »

We’ve joined an awesome group of small, independent ski hills that want to support the spirit of skiing in its simplicity —no frills and all shred

The Mountain Playground Card is the Homegrown Version of Vail’s EpicPass »

Unlike the Epic Pass, the MRA seeks to provide ‘Playground’ a homegrown and affordable ski experience that caters to locales existing happily outside the mainstream.

Independent Ski Areas Form Marketing Alliance »

Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) has launched its latest initiative, the Mountain Playground Group, designed to assist community and independent ski areas to be more viable. The consortium of geographically diversified, like-minded ski areas will band together to reduce expenses while increasing efficiencies and profits.

POWDER in Paris: A New Era of Skiing »

These people are not radicals. They are heroes, and they are saving your mountains while leading the industry into a new era of skiing.

Mediums to Get Involved »

The Mountain Rider’s Alliance is a group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to instigating change in the ski industry, supporting the environment and surrounding communities.

Resort’s environmental initiatives attracting skiers »

Not only is it attractive to our customer base that we want to come to the mountain, but it also makes business sense as well.

Community Service »

The overall well-being of the community benefits from having a vibrant ski area.

Meet Jamie Schectman – CEO of Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

Along with some other passionate skiers, we began conceptualizing a new model focusing on the triple bottom line, and with that, the Mountain Rider’s Alliance was born

Crow Men Offer Blessing to Reopen Antelope Butte Ski Area »

The partnership between the Antelope Butte Foundation and the Crow Nation is important because of the Crow’s ties to the area.

Nature Partners and Mountain Rider’s Alliance Partner to Bring Diverse Events to Community Ski Areas »

This new partnership, Mountain Playground Presents, will produce unique branded events and collaborate with other promoters who seek to produce concerts, festivals and lifestyle events at these underutilized venues.

Community Ski Areas Look to Events and Festivals to Thrive »

Often times community ski areas could double as amazing venues for live music, festive events and great competitions. But many operators simply don’t have the network, expertise or bandwidth to throw large scale events. Mountain Playground Presents and our new partnership with Nature Partners will be that solution at our partner ski areas

Reviving Antelope Butte »

Wyoming Chronicle visits the Antelope Butte Foundation, a grassroots effort to reopen the Antelope Butte Ski and Recreation Area located in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

Entrepreneurs propose family ski resort on Manitoba Mountain »

This is something that could be positive for whole region and get away from only summer-only economy while fostering appreciation for natural environment.

ABF Enters Critical Fundraising Stage to Open Ski Area »

With fickle weather patterns, it is critical to create revenue streams that are not reliant on natural snowfall,” Schectman said. “Having over 300,000 driving by Antelope Butte each summer is a huge opportunity we will be taking advantage of.

Inside the Fight to Reopen Wyoming’s Antelope Butte Ski Area »

With a base above 8,000 feet and north-facing slopes, Antelope Butte is already well positioned for snow sports. The new financial structure and a chance for year-round recreation could ensure the resort escapes the pitfalls of its predecessor and thrives in an increasingly challenging industry.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance: Small But Mighty Ski Areas »

Through the intersection of the community, the environment, and the customers, MRA strives to establish healthy and profitable local ski areas.

Antelope Butte Foundation Partners with MRA in Effort to Reopen Wyoming Community Ski Area »

Hiring a strong leadership team, having a dedicated and capable Board, and a leading global law firm representing us, we feel this sends a strong message to the community and potential donors that we are prepared and committed to achieving our goal of reopening the Antelope Butte Ski Area

ABF Hires Directors, Amps Up Efforts to Open Ski Area »

The Antelope Butte Foundation has added two positions to help advance the re-opening of the Antelope Butte Ski and Recreation Area. Effective immediately, Jamie Schectman will serve as the executive director


Bighorn Community Needs Millions to Save Ski Hill »

This Wal-Mart homogenization of the ski industry is terrible. For those who are passionate about skiing, we don’t want these expensive big resorts, we want the funky, no-frills, all about the skiing places.

Senator King at Mt. Abram Ski Area to Promote Clean Energy Solutions to Climate Change »

Mt. Abram is leading the way by demonstrating that investing in clean and renewable energy technologies not only makes sense for our environment, but also makes sense for business

Angus King Tours Mt. Abram Renewable Energy Project »

This is good for the country. It’s good for Maine,” King says. “It’s good for this community and I like it when Maine leads.

Senator King at Mt. Abram Ski Area to Promote Clean Energy Solutions to Climate Change »

Fortunately, Mt. Abram is leading the way by demonstrating that investing in clean and renewable energy technologies not only makes sense for our environment, but also makes sense for business

Are We on the Verge of a Small Ski Area Renaissance in Our Industry? »

Mountain Rider’s Alliance was started and saw a huge wave of interest as the message of “ski smaller” resonated with something tucked secretly away in the deep corners of skier desire.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance: Keeping Skiing Real »

Smaller ski areas, also known as breeder-feeder ski areas, are very important to the ski industry’s whole eco system.

Mt. Abram’s investments paying off »

Last Saturday, I spent a day at Mount Abram and was rewarded with some good skiing. I wanted to see how things were going under the new management that is now in its second season.

Commie Pinko Mountain Resort »

The startup company aims to manage small, sustainable ski areas that offer “lower skier density, lower price point, family fun, and no frills.

Mt Abram: How One Feeder Hill is Fighting Back »

Mt. Abram was put against the ropes and has fought back in a way that could set a precedent for energy efficiency in an industry that’s fighting a battle between profitability and longevity.

Would you like solar panels at your home hill? Here’s how. »

Skiers and snowboarders are stewards of the environment, and are very nearly the perfect customer for this kind of mountain.

Development of Manitoba Mountain Ski Resort moving forward »

Manitoba is slated to be “green and simple” with two big rope tows powered by alternative energy that will take riders to classic Alaska terrain.

PayneWest Insurance Teams Up with Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

As independent, community ski areas struggle to remain viable, it is extremely important to introduce a plan that will protect the client and increase their overall bottom line.

Mt. Abram ski area goes green with solar panels »

A western Maine ski resort took at major step towards becoming 100 percent energy sustainable in the future.

Skiing in Maine: On Behalf of all Winter Enthusiasts, Thanks a Plenty »

The Mountain Rider’s Alliance, which manages the resort, notes environmental sustainability and community partnerships as core values, and we should be thankful that there are people who look at skiing as (in their words) a sport and not just a business.

STOKE Certified and Mountain Rider’s Alliance Announce Partnership »

Collaboration advances the development of the most comprehensive sustainability framework for ski areas around the world.

Maine Ski Area Installs Solar Panels for Snowmaking to Build Sustainable Future »

Customers who care deeply about the environment will recognize Mt. Abram’s green initiatives and would be more willing to plan a trip to the mountain.

Our View: Looking Beyond the Snow »

The Mt. Ashland Association’s new sales and marketing director brings a new approach that could help the community-owned ski area  become a sustainable, year-round recreation destination.

New Hire: Ski Area Seeks Environmental and Financial Sustainability »

With the goal of financial sustainability and year-around outdoor activities, Mt. Ashland Association has partnered with Mountain Rider’s Association

Oregon’s Mt. Ashland Inks Deal with Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

“MRA is both honored and excited to be working with Mt. Ashland. The ski area is rich in history and has a passionate community that is eager for a new direction

Mt. Ashland Partners with Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

The partnership will help both organizations accomplish their shared missions of creating and supporting sustainable community-oriented ski areas.

Mt Abram Skiing Green with $940,000 Solar Panel Project »

A new array of 803 solar-electric panels positions the ski area as a leader in energy sustainability, and promises to cut its costs dramatically.

Keeping Snowsports Alive, Reversing a Trend: Part One »

The snow industry will not survive if every resort looks the same, skis and rides the same, and offers the same short season.

Maine’s Mt Abram Goes Green to Turn White »

There are plenty of Mt. Abrams out there who care just as much about protecting our playgrounds as they do about providing a killer ski experience.

Mt Abram, Maine Installs New Solar Array »

It is about doing good for the environment and good for our community, which will lead to good profits.

What it Means to Ski in a Vail-Dominated World »

Die-hard skiers have created associations like the Mountain Rider Alliance (MRA) to support smaller, environmentally-friendly, community-focused ski areas.

The Most Important Ski Area in America is in Your Backyard »

For the ski and snowboard industry as a whole, community ski hills are even more important—if only the industry would just realize it.

Maine’s Mt Abram Installs Solar Array; “Social Responsibility Expected” »

There is a growing segment of the population that expects their companies to be socially responsible

Solar Switch on for Maine Ski Area »

The solar array is yet another project for the environmentally aware ski area with 51 trails and five lifts managed by Mountain Rider’s Alliance.

Mt Abram to Install 803 Panel Solar Array »

Stabilizing this significant cost allows more attention to enhancing the skiing and riding experience.

It Takes a Village for a Ski Hill to Weather Climate Change »

Climate change is affecting ski areas around North America, and more so for those without snowmaking capacity

Fighting for the Little Guys »

“A community ski area is price accessible, supports local nonprofits, puts on community events. They’re soulful, full of characters, not homogenized, not a cookie cutter village at the bottom

Our Final Analysis: 5 Conclusions From Our Community Ski Area Survey »

We take a deeper look at the results and pull out 5 trends that we discovered from the data we collected.

CEO Jamie Schectman Nominated for SAMMY Award »

We here at Mountain Rider’s Alliance firmly believe that the time has come for the environment, the community, and the riders to all be equal stakeholders in ski area operations

Your Life as a Skier: Our Community Ski Area Survey Results »

We received over 1,400 responses to our survey, providing the statistical data to backup some of our suspicions, as well as provide new insights into the ski industry.

Why the Skiing Co-op will Save Our Resorts »

While the decline of large resorts makes the future of ski­ing in Amer­ica some­what foggy, it’s uplift­ing to see com­mu­ni­ties step in and com­bine their resources in an effort to keep their shred.

Mt Abram: Bethel’s Secret “Mountain Playground” »

By creating a portfolio of like-minded ski areas, we will reduce costs and increase efficiencies (and profits) at each Mountain Playground

Mt Abram: Past and Present »

Instead of private ownership, the ski area operations will be owned by a community of skiers that will make decisions based on what is best for future generations.

Mt Abram Outlines Community Offerings »

New Mt. Abram General Manager Dave Scanlan met with Greenwood selectmen Tuesday and updated them on plans to involve the community in the ski area’s activities.

Mt Abram Explores a New Model for Ski Area Viability »

Passion and excitement are building at Mt Abram for the new season and the new direction.

Wyoming Community Ski Areas Weigh Options as Costs Increase »

“The mom and pops are part of the communities,” Schectman said. “It’s important for the overall lifeline of the ski industry.”

Group Aims for Ski Area Reboot »

 The Kenai Peninsula Borough requested the transfer of this site to the borough from the State of Alaska with designs on seeing the ski area re-established

Mount Abram-The Little Mountain That Could Set Trends »

Enter a couple of iconoclasts from the West, with a vision of an alliance between like-minded “sustainable mountain playgrounds” that would return Alpine skiing to its traditional roots while creating a new business model that might just be the wave of the future.

The Mountain Rider’s Alliance: Disruption in the Mountains »

In the coming year, MRA with be moving forward with a plan to convert the mountain into a community owned “Mountain Playground.” MRA means “mountain playground” in its truest sense. There are no plans for excessive condo development, ski up Starbucks, indoor waterparks or distant remote parking lots.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance to Run Mt Abram »

The 560-acre ski area and MRA began working together during the 2011-12 season when members of MRA formed part of the management team last season. Looking ahead, MRA has outlined a road map to convert ownership into a community-owned mountain playground—a move embraced by Mt. Abram’s co-owners Rob Lally and Matt Hancock.

MRA Hired to Run Maine’s Mt Abram »

We couldn’t be more pleased with MRA’s dedication to our mountain. We align with their values and look forward to a bright future

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Takes Over Mt Abram Operations »

As a lifelong, passionate skier, Dave’s attention to detail and dedication to the community will be a great fit for Mt. Abram

Can the Future of Ski Resorts be Green? »

 The technology is there for major ski resorts to start truly considering using solar, wind, micro-hydro, geothermal and/or biomass energies to fuel their resort’s energy needs.

The Future of Skiing »

Real estate and theme park attractions will be replaced with ski areas that get back to focusing on what is important.

Minder Winst, Meer Freeriden (Dutch) »

Een cool project in Alaska. The Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project wil van Manitoba Mountain in Chugach National Forest een duurzaam skigebied maken.

Throwback »

Long before megacorporations took over the ski world, no-frills, community-owned mountains were the lifeblood of the sport.

Skiing in Maine: By Only Thinking Big, Ski Industry Would Go Downhill »

It’s envisioned that the MRA will create a portfolio of small to mid-size ski areas that share the philosophy espoused by both that alliance and Mt. Abram

Good Things in 2013 »

MRA is a grassroots organization investing in “Mountain Playgrounds” owned and operated by locals

Mt Abram Partners with the MRA’s Vision of Sustainability »

They (MRA) are a voice and a spirit that is desperately needed in the ski industry

Mt. Abram Joins Group to Promote Small Mountain Resorts »

Ski areas touting an emphasis on community and the environment

Small Ski Areas From an Alliance »

This year, Abram will be the first ski area in the country to team with Mountain Riders Alliance, a new organization whose long-term goal is to collectively market a network of member mountains where the focus is on quality skiing, affordability, and eco-friendly practices.

Sustainable Ski Resorts? »

Now, the pair are testing their combined hypothesis: that sustainability can save small and medium sized resorts, and that skiers will support those area.

Grassroots Mountain Rider’s Alliance Plans to Create Carbon Neutral Ski Slopes across U.S. »

MRA hopes to promote alternative business models for small and medium-sized resorts through this new partnership with the Brendle Group. They will develop specific plans and strategies for carbon-neutral, net-zero ski resorts.

A Test Drive for the Sustainable Ski Industry Model »

Keeping those smaller and mid-sized resorts economically viable is critical to the future of the industry, which has become top-heavy with oversized mega-resort companies, an economic model that has had sometimes disastrous consequences for other industries.

Sustainable Ski Industry Vision Gets Some Bones »

MRA has provided a great vision and template. They’ve shown that riders are very interesting in this model. We bring the engineering and business rigor to prove these pathways are possible … we’re really optimistic we can prove that based on our previous net-zero work.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Partners with Ski Industry Sustainability Leader »

By partnering with MRA, Brendle Group has the exciting opportunity to help advance MRA’s Mountain Playground vision while bringing our newest services in net zero water, ecosystems services, and sustainable economic development to the ski industry.

Manitoba Mountain : Resurrecting a Lost but Not Forgotten Hill »

These lifts would access the mellower lower pitches of Manitoba Mountain and would serve as a jumping off point to the extreme backcountry terrain for which the Chugach is famous.

Mountain Riders’ Alliance: A Bright Future »

MRA is looking to build Mountain Playgrounds rather than resorts: skier-focused developments with minimal infrastructure and reasonable costs, built in partnership with local communities and with a mindful eye on environmental impacts.

Maine’s Mt. Abram To Become ‘Mountain Playground’ »

A joint effort “to promote a cooperative business model” has been announced by Mt Abram, near Bethel, Maine, and the Mountain Rider’s Alliance.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Brings A New Vision To Ski Resorts »

Fed up with what they see as skiing’s “increasing costs and sense of exclusivity,” MRA seeks nothing less than to recreate the ski industry along more sustainable lines.

The Future of Skiing According to Mountain Riders Alliance »

Mountain Rider’s Alliance is trying to change the sport of skiing. More accurately, they’re trying to return the sport to its roots.

Crowdfunding Helps New Ski Industry Vision Emerge »

So for the past few years, a grassroots group of visionaries has started to formulate  an alternative economic model that may not only help ensure the future of skiing, but could serve as a blueprint for the broken system that still masquerades as free market capitalist but in reality has become a form of corporate totalitarianism.

Will Mountain Riders Alliance Save The Future Of Skiing? »

MRA believes the current corporate resort model – high on infrastructure, real estate, non-skiing amenities, and energy – is putting skiing out of reach for many people while creating an experience that is distant from the true ideals of snowsports and ultimately, unsustainable.

Mt. Abram will Partner with Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

Mt. Abram Ski Resort is joining with an international organization in a pilot project designed to  give the resort’s skiing community more say in what happens at the resort

Back to the Future »

Instead of hitching a ride with Marty McFly in a modified 1981 DeLorean, we’re moving ahead with an organization called Mountain Riders Alliance.

Support the Future of Skiing »

 Supporting this mission is just the beginning. We’re building a replicative model to save what we love about skiing, and offer a new direction for ski areas around the world.

MRA Partners with Mt Abram »

Mt. Abram’s collaboration with MRA is about skiing, plain and simple: a thriving business model away from the commercialized, overpriced, factory outdoor experience at the mega-resorts.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Partners with Mt Abram »

Teamed up with the MRA, Mt. Abram will not only be giving nature’s gift the respect it deserves, but be providing a better community for their fellow snow-lovers.

Alternate Vision for Ski Industry Manifests in Maine »

Instead of top-down decision making to benefit corporate shareholders, grassroots involvement by skiers could help shape management decisions, ensuring that the area is run for the benefit of the skiers and riders.

Uniting Snow Lovers Around the Globe »

$25 might not get you lunch at a mega-resort, but it will help create a future where ski areas are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact, as well as providing great skiing

Making Skiing Less Corporate and Polluting Starts in Maine »

MRA to fund a ski area trust that would help resorts go greener, enable for-profits to convert to co-ops, and shake off some of the corporate hegemony that so thoroughly grips the sport.

New Thinking for Small Hills »

MRA plans to add approximately five more ski hills to their Mountain Playground partnership in the next five to seven years, focusing on “Ski areas under performing with upside potential, on-site renewable energy potential, an engaged community and a large enough population base to make the project viable”

MRA and Mt. Abram Officially Bromantic »

Represents the first partnership with an existing ski area for the MRA, which was founded in 2009

Mountain Rider’s Alliance to Convert Mt. Abram into Sustainable Ski Area »

Mountain Rider’s Alliance has partnered with Mt. Abram to promote a cooperative business model and convert Maine’s authentic ski area into an MRA Mountain Playground

MRA, Helping to Save Skiing! »

Ski “resorts” have bastardized the sport, MRA is taking it back for the people who love it most

Can The MRA Play in the East? »

The ski industry is 3 billion dollars annual business and we believe that there is a segment of the ski population who will gravitate towards our business model of focusing on the ski experience.

Manitoba Mountain is the Real Deal »

We are most stoked about is that just beyond the proposed ski area boundary is straight up, slam banging, down to the nitty gritty big mountain backcountry terrain.

Manitoba Mountain: Southcentral Alaska’s next great ski destination? »

The Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project aims to construct three surface lifts that offer access to some 10,000 acres of “legendary Chugach terrain”

Skiers Envision New Chugach Lift Development »

Mountain as playground: that’s how many Alaskans see the Chugach.

Colorado corporations buy Tahoe ski resorts »

Schectman says the lack of competition has made lift tickets more expensive.

Big on Mountains, Small on Infrastructure »

 We want the sport to refocus on the ski experience.

Bringing Skiing Back to Its Roots »

But the biggest problem I see is that often the decision makers aren’t passionate skiers. They’re worried about making the big corporation more money.

Skiers and Earth First »

Mountain Rider’s Alliance mountains would change the current ski resort model by taking the priority off of selling lift tickets and passes by selling memberships in each ski area it owns.

Aiming High »

Think heli-skiing without the heli.

KGO Talk Radio 810AM Interview with MRA Co-founder Jamie Schectman »

Rich Walcoff and Jamie Schectman discuss ski industry sustainability and the current state of the Tahoe Ski industry. (Interview starts at minute 27)

Give Gear, Help Others »

In a trend that extends beyond the holiday season, gear makers are partnering with philanthropies to promote causes close to the hearts of owners and employees.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Co-Founder Jamie Schectman Interview »

In the 1980’s and 90’s ski areas got out of the uphill transportation business and got into the resort business

10 Reasons Why You’ve Just Got To Buy The Mountain Riders Alliance Limited Edition Ski; Powered By SkiLogic »

They have an epic design and only 500 will be sold so you will have the opportunity to ride some kick a** boards, be the envy of all your snow riding buddies, and have a great conversation piece on the lift and during those backcounty dayz.

Q and A with Jamie Schectman of Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

in the 80′s and 90′s, ski areas got out of the uphill transportation business and got into the resort development, and culinary, and out-of-boot experiences. So that was kind of the motivation for us to say ‘well, did you know there’s another way? Let’s focus on the community, and environment and being rider centric’, and with that the Mountain Riders Alliance was born.

12 Goals: A Riding Community Can Make a Positive Impact »

To partner with local, national and international non profits to make the world a better place.

Manitoba Makeover »

MRA is working with a class at Alaska Pacific University to help shape the outdoor education offerings. The group hopes to offer avalanche training and wilderness survival courses, and also introduce kids to safe outdoor recreation.

The Big Question: Do Skiers Always Want Bigger & Faster? »

I’m not pretending to have the answers, but what I find fascinating is the debate from both sides and what that is teaching me about how skiers think. One such movement that is picking up a lot of steam in the industry is Mountain Rider’s Alliance.

Progress Being Made on Manitoba Mountain Ski Area »

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the local communities.

Limited Edition Skilogik Ski Sale by Mountain Riders Alliance »

These limited editoin MRA skis really do it all as they help the environment and give back to the community while  still being  exceptionally functional, unique, and artsy.

Resortopia »

Ski areas by the people, for the people? Mountain Rider’s Alliance shoots for just that.

Creating Sustainable Mountain Playgrounds »

It is an exciting time to be skier or snowboarder; witnessing the much needed movement that MRA is generating to challenge current resort practices places skiers in a revolutionary era.

Support a Sustainable Future for Skiing with Your Next Ski Purchase »

So are you ready to show all those on the mountain that it is time to take skiing back to its roots?

Mountain Rider’s Alliance: Skiers Founding a Movement through Social Media »

Each step along the way, social media played a pivotal role in building the MRA brand, as well as defining, refining and delivering their message.

Putting the Soul Back into Ski Areas »

MRA project manager Dave Scanlan emphasizes that Manitoba is going to be a ski area, not a ski resort. I like that. Somewhere along the way, resort skiing started being more about luxury and less about skiing, and somewhere along the way people like me stopped being able to afford resort skiing, too.

Get a Great Pair of Skis, and Support an Even Better Cause! »

Inspired by MRA’s flagship project, Manitoba Mountain, located in Alaska, the one-of-a-kind top sheet design showcases the beauty of the terrain while giving homage to the sun, rivers, and natural environment.

New Ski to Support Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

Breckenridge-based boutique ski maker Skilogik is producing a limited edition Mountain Rider’s Alliance graphic on its entire lineup to bring attention to Mountain Riders Alliance’s (MRA) principles of community values, environmental respect and minimal ski area infrastructure.

A New Plan for the Ski Industry »

Our model reduces the carbon footprint, sells memberships, and has advisory councils to keep the management in check.

Hustle hustle! (Swedish) »

Som social marketing director på SKILOGIK är jag stolt över att kunna meddela att vi precis inlett ett samarbete med Mountain Rider’s Alliance – en grupp riktigt grymma människor som jobbar hårt för vår favoritisports framtid i en bransch, där alltför många alltför ofta struntar i miljön.

MRA, Skilogik And Suzy Chapstick To Help Native Skiers »

The Mountain Rider’s Alliance has partnered with Skilogik to produce a custom, limited-edition ski graphic for the 2011-12 winter season. A portion of the proceeds will go to the MRA and MRA’s new nonprofit partner, the Native American Olympic Team Foundation.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance, Skilogik Partner on Custom Skis »

Skiers around the globe can now show support for a future in skiing that is based on community values, environmental respect and access to exciting terrain with minimal infrastructure by purchasing this limited edition Mountain Rider’s Alliance Skilogik custom graphic ski, now available on Skilogik’s entire lineup.

MRA Project Manager Dave Scanlan Interview with NASJA-West President »

We want to try and prop up and promote and support all the local businesses as much as possible.

The Skier’s Answer: Can a Tiny Area in Alaska Redefine Resort Development »

People are finding that there’s a cleansing and refreshing nature when they go back to these minimalist areas”

Alaska’s Manitoba Mountain Begins To Take Shape »

Think Silverton Mountain with heli-quality AK terrain, accessible for about $40 a day. The fact that Chugach Powder Guides sought out an exploratory permit for an area an hour and a half skin from Manitoba validates the potential of the terrain here.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance – A New Business Model for the Ski Industry »

NSAA President Michael Berry says the MRA plan could work. “The industry was founded on that model and there is no reason why it can’t be replicated.”

The Cold Revolution by Auden Schendler »

Welcome to the cold revolution. The first generation of new era hot shots, initially out for a sick thrill, is looking for meaning, and they’re finding it primarily in the struggle to solve climate change.

Jamie Schectman of Mountain Rider’s Alliance »

There would be a real ski village, one where everyone lives, works, shops and plays. It would create its own energy on-site and not be dependent on the grid, but instead serve as a provider of energy for the surrounding communities.

Wake Up Call (Swedish) »

För de som tycker att framtidens skidåkning är nåt att bry sig om rekommenderar jag Mountain Rider’s Alliance och Home.

Tom Winter Interview from Alaska »

Listen as renowned photojournalist Tom Winter gives us his two cents on the Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project in the Kenai Range in Alaska.

Manitoba Mountain: A new ski area wants to change the world »

Mountain Riders Alliance is moving forward on its plan to reopen Manitoba Mountain, a ski area on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula that closed down in 1960. MRA, according to its website, wants to make a “positive change in the ski industry.

Study Predicts 50 Percent Growth in Skiing »

And on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula in the Chugach Range, the Mountain Rider’s Alliance is helping spur talk of the revival of Manitoba Mountain, a small ski area that ended operations in the 1960s.

MRA Moving Forward with Plans to Redevelop Alaska’s Manitoba Mountain Ski Area »

While the group touts that the resort’s three surface lifts “will access 10,000 acres of legendary Chugach terrain,” that figure includes all terrain accessible within a two-hour hike from the lifts.

Manitoba Mountain? »

No it’s not that Manitoba…. it’s in Alaska and it’s going to be a new ski area of a different breed. A ski area focused on working with the local communities, saving energy and keeping it as natural as possible.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Moving on Alaska Project »

According to the MRA website, the Manitoba project embodies a new philosophy of ski area development based on core skiing and community values, including a collaborative operating partnership with local businesses to increase job opportunities.

Manitoba Mountain: Small Footprint, Big Potential »

The Project is noteworthy because it looks to develop a minimalistic ski area that utilizes clean energy, promotes winter outdoor recreation, and increases economic stability and regional employment opportunities in the area.

Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project Update »

Three surface lifts will access 10,000 acres of legendary Chugach terrain. Renewable energy options including micro-hydro and wind are being evaluated.

Manitoba Mountain-A New Kind of Ski Area »

On the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska the Mountain Riders Alliance is working to rebuild Manitoba Mountain, a minimalist ski area that was last opened in 1960.

Discussion with Manitoba Mountain Project Manager Dave Scanlan »

Manitoba Mountain provides a great launching off point to your classic Chugach lines.

Require MRA Business Model In National Parks »

MRA is the only ski industry model currently proposed that is compatible with the Parks Canada mandate.

Ski Development Group Met in Soldotna »

The Mountain Riders Alliance is continuing to look for public input about their proposed Manitoba Ski Development.

Ski Industry Develops Alternative Energy for Survival »

The increasing environmental concerns among the skiing community led directly to a new vision of how a ski area can operate: the Mountain Rider’s Alliance, made up of industry veterans and passionate recreational skiers, aims to open and operate a ski area that, among other sustainable practices, will be a net producer of electricity.

A Community Owned, Sustainable Ski Area – Is It Possible? »

The project aims to incorporate wind, solar and micro hydro power to make the ski area sustainable and allow for all profits to be put back into the mountain experience.

Resurrecting a Historical Ski Area »

With the help of Mountain Rider’s Alliance, [Local ski enthusiast Dave Scanlan] hopes to resurrect the historical Manitoba Ski Area and in the process, infuse some economic activity in the tri-community areas of Hope, Moose Pass, and Cooper Landing.

Manitoba Mountain in Alaska »

Mountain Riders Alliance, a different approach to guiding Snowsports into the future…and perhaps saving it.

Building dreams: New model for ski resort development emerges in Alaska »

Community ownership and involvement would ensure that they remained focused on core values and benefited the surrounding towns.

MRA plans new ski area in Alaska »

Guide companies will be able to operate out of the ski area, as will private concessionaires like food service companies. ‘We don’t need to run everything, and we want to create opportunities for the locals to have their own businesses,’ says Schectman.

Group seeks to restore Manitoba Mountain Ski Area »

The Manitoba Ski Area is designed to bring outdoor education, physical activities, social camaraderie, and economic stability to the East district of the Kenai Peninsula through the development of downhill skiing, community based ecotourism, and outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the entire year.

Environmentally Sensitive Group Attempting to Revive Lift-Served Skiing on Alaska’s Manitoba Mountain »

‘One of the Manitoba Mountain Ski Area Restoration Project’s primary goals is to bring economic stability to the communities of Hope, Sunrise, Moose Pass, and Cooper Landing by creating a centrally located destination to create local jobs and foster additional private sector economic activity by redeveloping the downhill, and Nordic ski opportunities in the Summit Lake Recreation Corridor,’ states Scanlan.

Dreaming of a New Kind of Ski Area »

‘Our priority will be to have a copious and safe snowpack, large amounts of expert-level terrain with a wilderness experience, and easy access,’ Schectman says. ‘We think if we do this once [run a ski area with MRA’s unique ideals] and show it to be a refreshing, viable model, we’ll be able to duplicate it throughout the world.’

A Bold New Voice »

Jamie Schectman aims to change the way ski areas are run, one chairlift at a time

Grassroots Movement Looks to Change the Way Ski Areas are Run »

MRA members point to failed ski resorts built on real estate schemes, like Idaho’s Tamarack Resort, to prove their point. Rising lift ticket costs, negative impacts on ski communities and the environment, and the desire to combat climate change have all led Schectman to found the group, which he describes as ‘a movement of snow enthusiasts who are dedicated to changing the ways ski areas are run.’

Sliding Into The Future »

 Managed by people (and corporations) more interested in short-term profit than long-term viability, mountain resorts across the world are fast approaching the tipping point.

Want to Own a Ski Area? »

Mountain Rider’s Alliance believes the great ski and snowboard community can make a change.

A New Vision for the Ski Industry »

The Mountain Rider’s Alliance wants to develop sustainable ski-energy centers.

Argentinian Continues With Global Ski Concept, Shames On Ice »

By pooling together our money, us snow lovers can have our own ski area to enjoy…one that is based on values, not turning a quick profit!