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Respecting the Environment

We believe that our beloved sport is at risk of extinction if we, as an industry, do not combat climate change. By taking action now, we can help preserve snow sliding for future generations.

Our management philosophies and decisions are made with long-term sustainability in mind. MRA will strive to create clean energy whenever possible. New infrastructure will be based on sustainable green building practices.

Access to new terrain will be based on a thought-out approach of building the least amount of lifts possible, but at the same time accessing the most amount of terrain. At the top of our environmental goals: restoring public lands instead of harming them; working with the natural landscape instead of creating clear cuts or erosion-causing scars; and helping to preserve forest and wildlife habitat as well as water quality and the natural aesthetic beauty of the mountain.

It is our promise that if a tree has to be removed, two will be planted. MRA mountain playgrounds will act in harmony with their environment, not exploit it.

MRA is setting the new industry standard for sustainably managed mountain playgrounds geared toward preserving our natural resources, as well as setting an example for responsible environmental behavior.