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Over the years, the ski industry has shifted to become an exclusive, corporate experience with luxury resorts that has lost track of what’s most important, the skiing—Mountain Rider’s Alliance is a reaction to that change.

MRA has built its business practices and philosophy on a foundation based in values, not profit. One of the overarching principles and goals of the company is to provide an mountain experience that benefits the environment, community, and riders.

Environment:  Green business and building practices will be used to create sustainable mountain playgrounds that produce their own energy through solar, wind, micro hydro, geothermal and/or bio mass. MRA believes the ski industry should be on the front lines to combat climate change and save our snow sports from extinction.

Community: Supporting and maintaining the local economies and culture is an integral part of our mission. MRA promotes partnerships with a mountain’s surrounding community by working with non-profits and local businesses. We want to build relationship economies.

Riders:  Outdoor recreation needs to be a sport again—not just a business. We are here to bring back the mountain experience for all riders by keeping it affordable, accessible, and fun!